Birds of a Feather.

No, I’m not saying that they flock together, I’m saying that people who have your best interests at heart are the kind that we need to be around.

My best friend of many years said today that nothing you think should be hidden from your friends is ever good for you. And I agree. They don’t deserve to be in the dark after all the highs and lows you’ve made it through with them.

I have an extremely limited friend circle that I choose to call ‘exclusive’ because these are the people I would rather celebrate all my milestones in life with. And why shouldn’t I? I feel like they deserve the credit for all my success just as much I would because they’ve been by my side through all my highs and lows.


I know! I’ve been giving a lot of credit to my inner circle these days because the gratitude just doesn’t end. I can’t explain where all of this is coming from, but I’m so happy to say that I can fall back on these people if I ever need to, and they’ll be there to catch me. Like a safety net, or a much better version of a trust-fall.

For no apparent reason, I’ve found myself being immensely grateful for the people in my life, recently. It might be the conversations that we’ve recently had, or maybe it’s the fact that I’m meeting my friends after a whole year because summer vacations are the only time we ever get to hang out. But I’ve realized how much my circle has helped me get through all those times I worried if I could ever amount to anything.

giphy (4)

Lately, it has been all about staying up giggling at something funny we said, synced wavelengths, finishing each other’s sentences, saying and knowing exactly what the other has in mind. It’s not even funny how perfectly in sync we are at this point because that level of connection with anybody is extremely hard to find. It’s why I’m so sure that they’re all keepers.

I would much rather I had people around me who I shared a connection with than be partying at a frat-house with people I don’t even know. It has always been quality over quantity for me when it comes to a lot of things— friendship being one of the most important.


Surround yourself with those who make you truly happy, not those who constantly make you feel as if you can’t handle being on your own. And yes, that also means not being a part of that popular clique that casts you aside because you’re a pity addition to the group. No one who actually cares about you would ever make you feel as if you don’t belong. Remember that.

Find your birds, people.

Cheerio! Xx

Hey guys! I hope you liked my post. If you did leave a comment below to let me know, and share because it might make your friends feel appreciated too!
Yours truly,
The Shubhster.



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