Your Crowning Glory.

Gratitude Day 8.


Looking in a Mirror.

Gratitude Day 7.

Hearts Of Gold.

Gratitude Day 6.

The Way I Am.

Gratitude Day 5.

Today vs A Year Ago.

Gratitude Day 3.

Try Something New?

"I would like to do something about it!"

Birds of a Feather.

"The gratitude just doesn't end"

Treat Yo’ Self.

"You made it, didn't you?"

An Open Letter to All Teenagers.

"It's not like we adults have things figured out"


"It isn't just a single person or incident"

Positive Affirmations for a Brighter Day.

"Because good things are meant to be shared."

An Open Letter to the Insecure.

"All I can tell you is that every battle gets easier."

Embracing Myself.

"It's an extremely ugly battle."

Battle Scars.

"It's like people WANT us to feel uncomfortable for having scars on our skin."

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