Treat Yo’ Self.

Hey there! I see you’ve had a long day.

I know how it gets, working constantly to get to your goals, barely having any time to breathe, having to cook up new ideas that would make a difference in the world, trying to maintain a healthy balance between work, social life, personal life and health— it must get pretty exhausting.

tenor (8)

Which is why I feel the need to reward myself with something that can lift my spirits every time I’ve been through a rough day. Just a reminder that I’ve made it through the worst for now and I’ve got another day to look forward to. I mean, how bad can it really be if I’m sitting with an ice cream sundae at the other end of every rough patch? That image alone is enough to make me smile and get through the toughest day.

Visualizing yourself on the other side is very important to get through a bad day, almost as important as acknowledging how far you’ve come over time.


Not to disregard how bad your day has been, but hey! You made it, didn’t you? Even if you did so barely, you made it across and now you can take a breather. I understand that sometimes, we have to push our own limits to get things done on time, but what about you? What about the more important things like happiness, health and peace?

Sometimes, I’ve noticed, people let go of themselves in the pursuit of their jobs or a very material idea of ‘success’. How does that amount for anything when you’re not in a spot where you can appreciate what you have achieved?


That’s why, in our collective journey to self-discovery and love, I want you all to give yourselves a pat on the back, for making it this far. There’s still a long way to go, but that doesn’t mean we can’t stop for a minute and catch a breath.

Let yourself know that you did well today; and even if you didn’t, you can try again tomorrow!

You’re doing great, everybody!

Cheerio! Xx

Hey guys! I hope you liked my post. If you did, leave me a comment and share this with someone you think might need this today. I’ll look forward to hearing from all of you!
Yours truly,

The Shubhster.


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