The Unheard Side of a Long Distance Relationship.

I don’t think anybody who can spend time with their significant other, actually realizes how good they have it when they go on dates, get to stick by each other through the bad days, spend lazy afternoons watching sappy Rom-Coms and just knowing that you can communicate when times are rough.


Not that normal relationships don’t come with their fair share of troubles, but those who are separated by physical distance have a harder time (no surprises there!) maintaining the same level of connection. What with people trying to tell them about the countless horror stories about long-distance relationships! Asking us things like “How do you manage to communicate?” and “How do you know they’ll stay faithful to you? Out of sight, out of mind, you know?” isn’t polite!


And for the people in love who are in different cities or time-zones, when the situation demands it, we must give up communicating for some time because we often don’t have a choice and moving cities isn’t an option. But hey, this isn’t a post where I complain. I’m here to tell you how we make it work in spite of all these obstacles.

Because “True love prevails, Universe be damned!”


Sure, you’ll have to work harder, but it’s so worth it! Contrary to popular belief, we don’t spend all of our time on our phones texting or talking to each other. We completely understand that we’re individuals who have their own lives and careers to work on, and the support is never-ending. We would probably fist-bump or high-five each other for doing so well in our lives if we could. That’s the level of understanding that we’ve built over the past couple of years.

And because we spend so much time apart, whatever time we can spare for communication is sacred. We have learnt how to value each other as well as our own lives. So while we’re out there, busy doing our own thing, there’s no time or space in our relationship for petty jealousy or stupid fights about not texting each other back on time. I’m a lot more chill and patient than I ever used to be about these things, now.


All I’m telling you is that even though the number of failure-stories about long-distance relationships is higher than the number of success stories, you stand a chance if you really want to. Don’t give up on somebody you love just because you think ‘your fate is doomed’. What’s that we harp on about love bending the rules of the Universe, again?

It will work if you work for it.

Now, go get the guy/girl.

Cheerio! Xx

Hey everyone! Let me know if you have similar stories in the comments below. Share it with a loved one who lives far away, or with someone you know would like to read this today! I’ll look forward to hearing from all of you.
Yours truly,

The Shubhster.


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