#NaPoWriMo Day 8: You Look Like Peace (Sonnet).

It is as clear as could be.

Of Stars And Fate.

What words shall ever be enough?

The Doors to Our Dreams.

Half-wishing the night never came to a stop.

Faded Pictures.

All the ink has bled out.

Song of Our Dreams.

Doesn't that sound beautiful?

Worth the Wait.

Patience bears the sweetest fruits.

Moments of Weakness.

I tell myself they'll pass.

Only Human.

There's no letting go.

Birthday Candles.

Every wish will be for you.

You’re on My Mind Again.

As far as reasons go...

The Child in You.

Save the serious stuff for later.

Lost or Found?

If you could, what would you choose?

Make it Today!

No better time than right now.

Bookish ‘Love’.

Do not let false expectations hurt you.

7 Billion Meanings.

We can't all possibly have the same definition for 'love'.

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