Faded Pictures.

The colours started to turn pale
The day that you walked out,
Flowers you gave me withered to grey
As I waited for you like rain in the drought.
I thought I had you etched like rocks in a cave
On the walls of my heart forever to stay,
But the memories I had of you seem so far away
As the pictures of you begin to fade.

Golden sparks of your smiles
Leaving trails of light behind
Illuminating a thousand miles–
Light I’m afraid I’ll never find.
I thought the world would cease to spin,
But the sun rose up just fine,
And now all your pictures are fading,
I guess you weren’t ever mine.

And now all the ink has bled out,
All that’s left is blurry mess,
Voices trapped, we couldn’t shout,
Time goes by, I think of you less.
And walls where your photos hung
Now seem empty with one less face,
Beads of moments that we strung
In pictures gone without a trace.

All the castles in the air that we built
Came crashing to the ground,
For all that we’d have killed–
It’s funny how nothing stuck around.
Pictures I’d have framed beside my bed
Now mean nothing to me at all,
Colours gone, they’re all faded,
And you’re blurred in the distance, small.

Out of sight and and out of my mind,
Is that how you wanted this to be?
Now I’m moving on, left it all behind,
And someday, you’ll mean nothing to me.
But for now I sit by and stare
As the night turns into day,
No more tears shed for the unfair,
I’ll watch all your pictures fade.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Annie Nicholas on Unsplash

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