Moments of Weakness.

Crashing waves on the shore
Stripping rocks to pebbles and dust–
How every thought of you hurts!
Unwilling pawns in the hands of Fate
Thrown apart ’til the dice favour us;
Was love meant to be a trial so unfair?
Were our hearts meant to ache so?
The longer you’re away, I miss you more,
No reason in the world has me convinced
Why two souls so meant-to-be
Should spend an eternity in misery,
Does love not find its way?
I’m a hopeful heart, my faith in love,
I believe we’ll find our way home,
Into loving arms, into forevermore–
Perhaps it’s only a little further,
Perhaps just another day,
I could hold on to that little sliver,
To hope’s faint, fragile ray.
And should we be dealt different cards,
Our hearts wouldn’t weep so
And we wouldn’t slip further away.
But for now I need to let myself despair,
Let my heart shatter and fall,
For in these moments of weakness
I tell myself they’ll pass;
Surely, a love like ours, meant to last,
Will live to see the light of the day.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Clément Falize on Unsplash

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