Larger Than Life.

Dear Diary,

I keep being told that I am not realistic, and I keep shrugging it off because where’s the fun in that, right? A few weeks ago, I read somewhere that we should, in fact, romanticize the Hell out of our lives and I agree. Now, granted, it didn’t take too much convincing in my case because I’ve romanticized my life for as long as I can remember. I don’t know why I’ve done that.

smell the roses

But I see the magic in every little thing we do in our everyday lives, in how we come across people, in how the sunsets paint the sky before the sun finally gives out, and I stay up staring at the moon until it disappears from my horizon because I have, for some reason, convinced myself that it shines so distractingly bright and seeps in through the window like that just for me. There is something magnetic about its pull that I simply cannot ignore, no matter how much people try to tell me otherwise I’m stubborn like that.


Speaking of people, I believe that each and every person I’ve been drawn to emotionally outside of my blood has come to me in the most unexpected and interesting ways. I’ve made friends with people I met online before we finally decided to meet in person and I’ve made friends with someone who walked into me in a crowded room, out of everybody else she could have walked into. I don’t know if anybody else chooses to see it the same way, but I believe that these people came into my life for a reason.


I’ve heard stories that you are automatically drawn to your ‘soulmate’ or whatever, even if you don’t really know who they are yet. And believe me! I have been drawn to one particular name my whole life, for no apparent reason; who knew I’d be in a relationship with someone who has the same name? Maybe I’m reading into things, maybe I’m manifesting them for myself. We’ll probably never find out. But that’s not the point!

claires letter

The point is things around us are only going to be as sparkly as we see them in our heads. There is no MoodyTones™ by thaifurtado filter for life! Not everything is going to be all aesthetic and artsy all the time. But when we choose to look at the world through a totally different perspective, things magically start looking up. I’ve also noticed that what I do is directly related to how I am feeling at the moment and vice versa. So I chose to apply the same principle to life.


Because no matter what anybody else has to say, I just don’t see a point to anything if I can’t be all dramatic and larger-than-life in the face of this world. Our whole lives, we end up convincing ourselves to settle for what is ‘practical’ or ‘realistic’. But there is so much beauty in this world for anybody to just be okay with wanting to just stay in one place for too long and not appreciate or explore everything else there is.

So, maybe, cranking up the incurable romantic is somehow the solution? I’ll let you know how that goes!

Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Featured Image by Gian D. on Unsplash

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