More in Love.

Dreaming about you with my eyes open–
You’re, perhaps, the most beautiful daydream;
You’re beauty words could never describe,
Like sunrays the clouds couldn’t hide.
Oh, what I wouldn’t give to be by your side!
Maybe if Fate dealt us different cards,
Today we wouldn’t have been far apart,
And our lives would be another kind of dream:
One we’ll leave behind as fairytales,
One they’ll sing about in songs,
One that will go down in time,
One to last forever in the years to come.

The sound of you being gone is an empty silence,
But my heartbeats tell me you’ll be back.
These miles between us, they mean nothing,
For love conquers all, indeed.
A wise witch once quoth, ages ago,
“True love prevails, Universe be damned,”
So, I daresay we stand a fair chance,
We could have all the happiness in the world,
All that there is to see, but not without you;
Is it too selfish to want to have it all?
All the riches and I’d still want you,
The deeper in this love that I fall.

I try keeping busy, I do,
I try keeping my mind off of you,
But everything around reminds me of you–
Your love has consumed me, right to the soul,
A tale as old as time, I’ve been told.
With every song I write for you,
The more in love with you I am,
And someday I’ll look in your eyes, mon amour,
And under the starry spread we’ll dance,
Hand in hand, colour in our cheeks,
And the rest of the world shall disappear,
In that moment, only we shall exist.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Thomas AE on Unsplash

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