Dear Moon.

Too many sleepless nights to count;
Moonlight caressing me gently awake,
Blurry eyes wide open thirst for you,
But all I see is the moon
Glowing brighter with every moment–
If moonlight had a voice, I’d be drawn,
Like a shifting Lycan in the wild,
Surrendering all sense to Selene’s glory.
Yet this fool of a heart looks for signs
That somewhere, you’re just as awake,
As restless, as much in love as I am,
As much in awe of the golden moon–
I wonder if it shines brightly for us,
And if not, then perhaps for love?
And if by some stretch, you’re sleepless too,
I hope that the moon tells you this:
Every unsleeping night that passes me by,
Just a little bit more, it’s you I crave,
It’s you I want, it’s you I miss.
And then there’s the moon, our silent witness,
Two young lovers, pining from a distance,
If only she could speak, she’d tell us
Things that our hearts already know:
These miles shall never take love away,
What we have is here to stay,
And though we’re far apart today,
A love like ours will find a way.
And so, dear moon, tell my beloved this,
My heart and soul will always be his.
If to hear his thoughts, there were a way,
Dear moon, I’d spend all my nights awake,
If only for a whisper sweet,
If only for a heartbeat.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Shubhangi Srinivasan on Unsplash

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