Of Stars And Fate.

Today happens to be my best friend Anupriya’s birthday. Anu runs the blog Amour Infini (go check it out!). She has been my muse for the longest time now and I am forever grateful for a friend like her in my life. So I wrote a little something for her today (because art is forever and inspiring people like her deserve to be appreciated all the time!).

How does one find the words to describe
A bond made out of stars and fate?
Crossed paths, destinies intertwined;
How things change in all but one day!
A soul so beautiful I’d never seen,
I’d never had such good fortune,
But something changed on that fateful day,
And together, we’re stronger than we’ve ever been.
Several words I have for you, dear friend,
You’re a ray of sunshine on the darkest days;
Head in the clouds, what a beautiful mind!
For you, I still fall short of words to say.
As though Venus herself blessed you love,
Never have I seen a kinder heart,
You shine with the brilliance of the full moon
And the burning fire of a thousand stars.
The grace of swan over a still lake,
Sparkle in the eyes like that of stardust,
Eternal love and warmth in your gaze;
What words shall ever be enough?
Giving more than you ever take,
When it’s the whole world you deserve–
My muse, source of endless poetry,
I only ever wish you all the joy and love.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Tori Wise on Unsplash

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