Why Quality Comes Before Quantity.

When it comes to friendships in high school and university, it was always assumed that the most popular person was the one with the most number of friends. But let’s face it, those friendships faded away as soon as we all started moving on with our lives in the real world and only a handful were left intact anyway.


A few months ago, when a person I know threw a fit that they didn’t have enough friends to hang out with, it baffled me because I have always believed in quality over quantity. And even though I only have a handful of friends, 99% of whom live far away, I am not particularly bummed about the fact that I don’t have too many friends.


Sure, having connections in different places can be a very good thing. But I don’t think that any of these ‘connections‘ can emotionally connect with you the way your closest friends can. Because if you’re in high school or university, thinking that being in a popular clique is going to sort out your life, I’ve got news!

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Most of your ‘friends’ from high school are going to disappoint you over petty mean-girl (or guy) power-struggle and you’re going to appreciate the real ones in life sometime after. You may not realize that right now, but don’t worry! I didn’t believe this would happen, either! But now that I’m wiser and older, I know better.


In the day and age of social media, it is alarming, and occasionally disturbing, how people can get caught up with the idea of being popular instead of actually cultivating friendships. Sorry to be crashing and burning your hopes today, but neither being in a popular clique during education, nor social media popularity means much in real life.

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Real friends and actual connection are super rare and therefore sacred, and I really think that this is something we should respect. So, always remember that having a handful of real friends who’d stick by you through everything, is better than having a lot of people who secretly want to stab you in the back. Any day! 

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You might already know all of this, but it never hurts to remind ourselves to count our blessings and not get too greedy. Say ‘Thank you‘ for the true friends you have and don’t worry about popularity. I’m told that it’s pretty useless when it comes to the real challenges that life throws at us.


Just remind yourself about this the next time you’re feeling sorry for yourself, for not being able to hang out with a large group of people. You’re not a loner.

Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

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