5 Ways Adulting Changes Friendships.

There's a place for everything in our lives.


10 Stages of Every Great Friendship.

It's not a bucket list!

Why Quality Comes Before Quantity.

Now that I'm wiser and older, I know better.

Nothing Like It.

Gratitude Day 27.

The Unlearning.

Gratitude Day 20.

Knocking on My Door.

Gratitude Day 18.

All the “Love You’s”.

Gratitude Day 17.

Passion Over Everything Else.

Gratitude Day 14.

Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero.

Gratitude Day 12.

Life. Sorted.

Gratitude Day 9.

Looking in a Mirror.

Gratitude Day 7.

Simpler Pleasures.

Gratitude Day 2.

An Open Letter To The Far-Away Valentine.

"Yes, there are days when it's a little too much for me to take in, but otherwise, I'm getting through the days just as normally as I would have- one day at a time."

Rose Day, Propose Day… Um, WHAT?

"In my opinion, you don't really need a separate day or a week in a year to tell the love of your life how moony-eyed you are, or how head-over-heels you are in love with them."

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