Getting Real About Creative Blocks.

I’m super exhausted today because I finally finished an artwork that I had been working on for the past three days. I guess it was worth it because I usually only take somewhere between a few hours to a day to complete an artwork, and it turned out a lot better than I expected it to. But I am really happy about it because I had been creatively blocked for a very long time and breaking out of it always feels good. Then again, I’m sure that everyone has their own ways to deal with their creative blocks.

There is no process behind the way people overcome their creative blocks. It’s always different for every person and that’s why people who are going through it can’t always talk to people about it. The main reason is that not everybody understands how frustrating it is when you’re going through a creative block. It’s very easy to say things like ‘Go out and you’ll find inspiration’ or ‘Scroll down Pinterest’, or worse, ‘It’s all in your head’. That’s not the way it works and just because something worked for you doesn’t mean it is going to help the next person. That’s not how it works!

thats not how it works

It’s not like we’re not trying to get out of this slump, either. Believe me, there’s nothing we’d like more than coming up with an idea that’s a lot better than our last one was. I look back at my previous works and I think to myself, ‘Oh, this could have been so much better if I had worked on it a little more in a different way,’ and I do end up improving by the time I’ve sketched something new. But I think that people who are their own worst critics know that it’s extremely difficult to come up with new ideas because everything already seems to have been done before.

i need a minute alone

So this is me asking you to be patient with yourself and letting yourself grow at your own pace. Be kinder to yourself because to do your best, you need to be in a good place, and I’m not talking about just your physical surroundings! There’s no way of knowing when the inspiration will actually hit you, so the only thing you can do is let it come naturally to you. Most of us are stuck at home all day, right now, and there’s obviously a major lack of inspiration. Creative juices are running at an all-time low, too! I’m not asking you to stop trying to be creative at all; I’m just asking you not to force it because that’s not going to help and you know that!

Be patient! You’ll come with something beautiful. I believe in you!

Cheerio! Xx

Featured Image by Pierre Bamin on Unsplash

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