Oh, To Be An Artist!

I love a good challenge. And what I love even more is challenging myself and testing my own limits. The good thing about this is that I work hard on trying to do better whenever I create something. The down-side, however, is that I hate anything that turns out even the slightest bit less worthy than the last thing I made, and it really gets to me sometimes. Because when you spend a long time working on something, pouring your heart and soul into it and it fails to turn out the way you’re hoping it would, the disappointment is very, very real.

disappointed but not surprised

Every single creator goes through something similar. There’s always the feeling that our next work won’t be as good as all the previous ones. And even if it turns out better than the last one, there’s always the fear that it won’t get the appreciation that you know it deserves. Like I was telling my friend this morning, it’s a shot in the dark; there’s no way of knowing whether all of our hard work is going to pay off. Of course, we still put our work out there because it’s what makes us the happiest, but I can’t tell you how it breaks our hearts when something we worked really hard for goes unnoticed.


So many amazing creators go unnoticed because they aren’t big names or because they’re not affiliated with big names. But how easily people forget that those big names started out small once, too! Instead of looking at things like ‘Oh, every other person is a creator now,’ we could start looking at them like, ‘There’s so much more art we can consume!’ I’m not being bitter about the fact that a lot of creators go unnoticed, but I’m not particularly loving the idea of everyone giving clout to the same 10 creators instead of letting new talent rise up as well.

that makes no sense

We’re all trying so hard to create something that is not just unique, but also something that can appeal to people, make a statement, carry a message, hold some kind of meaning— something, anything! What people consume is the final product that they mostly just scroll past on their social media feeds, but they don’t see the amount of work that people have put into their art. It makes me really sad that people don’t stop and take a few minutes to admire art anymore. I don’t know what went wrong, but this needs to change.

that aint it

I can promise you that every single artist (or creator) appreciates the hell out of it when you leave them a nice comment or message. It means the whole world to us. It’s what keeps us going. Not that we need validation to keep creating, but the knowledge that there are people out there who appreciate your work and look forward to seeing more of it gives us all the motivation we need when we find ourselves doubting our abilities. Think about it this way: if you were the artist in question, you’d feel pretty bad if your work didn’t get the praise it deserved, too!

cool mom 2

A lot more goes into the content that we put out there than the probably compressed content that shows up on our social media feeds. But because it’s something we love to do, we put it out there anyway. And expecting validation for something that took a lot of effort to make isn’t too much if you ask me.

So, on behalf of every single creator out there, I am asking you to pause and appreciate the content that we churn out for everyone! Support your artists, people! We already get a lot of hate for being artists, we don’t need to be cold-shouldered too!

Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Featured Image by russn_fckr on Unsplash

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