I Used To Think…

I used to think you’d be the hardest to erase,
I never saw this coming ’til it did,
But even ancient marks carved into stone fade,
You never stood the chance I thought you did.
The pedestal I put you up on, too high,
The power I gave you, too much,
So of course, you fell from the sky,
All love lost, crumbling to dust.

I used to think I’d shed an ocean of tears
But you were never worthy of them,
So why should they be spilt for the one not here?
You’re out the doors, never to step foot again.
I let you go because I never held on;
You grew on me like creepers on the wall
But vines are easy to cut down,
And I feel nothing watching them fall.

I used to think I’d fall to pieces,
But the pain never came,
It’s not as devastating as it seems,
The world around me still looks the same.
All your words turned out to be empty,
I wish I could say I was surprised;
It takes a lot more than that to break me,
Any bond we had was unravelled, untied.

I used to think you were my ‘forever’
And, oh what a joke that was!
Now I’m left with these ties that you severed,
After all the promises saying ‘we were made to last’.
Don’t go around making promises you can’t keep
For your lies will get you nowhere;
If I harbour any resentment, it runs deep,
Perhaps I once did, but I no longer care.

I used to think you’d be the last to hurt me,
Oh, how naive I was to put any faith in you!
You vanished into thin air, so suddenly,
I had neither time nor patience to mourn you.
For all the power I ever let you have,
You’ve only ever let me down,
And perhaps I’m relieved, maybe even glad
Now that you’re gone, better stay gone.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Nathan McDine on Unsplash

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