Always & Forever.

As one of my dearest friends flies overseas today, probably permanently, all I can think of is how I never got a chance to give her one last hug before she left. It breaks my heart because the last time I met her was 2 years ago. And I have no idea when I’ll get those warm hugs again. Hugs that got me pretty much through 9th and 10th grades.


I know how I tell all of you to seize the moment and tell people how much you love them because you never know when you’re going to get another chance to do so. And I hate the fact that I couldn’t live up to that this time. I have no clue how I’ll ever make it up to her.


Often, we hold back on things we want to tell the people we love because there is the hope of a ‘next time‘. Reality only hits us like a truck when all hopes come crashing down due to whatever unforeseen circumstances and the chances that we thought we’d have, slip out of grasp.


I might not have been able to give my friend the farewell she truly deserved to have, full of love, laughs and trips down memory lane, just the way she would have liked it, but I want to tell you all to never make that mistake. Take every single chance you get to tell people how much they mean to you.


If writing about love for an entire month has taught me anything, it’s that we humans live a dreadfully short life. And spending whatever little time we have left on this planet (global warming might take us out earlier) banking on the promise of a ‘next time‘, is the most careless that any of us can ever be.


Saying ‘I love you‘ is the simplest and most meaningful thing that you can say to the people we care about. Don’t hold back, especially when every single day is an opportunity to be loving and grateful for everything we have in life. Never forget how truly blessed you are to have even one person who will walk through Hell with you.


Acknowledge and appreciate the real ones in life. Always and forever.

Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

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