5 Things Only BFFs Talk About at 3AM.

Talking with your best friend is totally something else. It’s full of inside jokes, catching up, gossip, drama, boy/ girl trouble— you name it! But all the real stuff comes after 3AM! Don’t ask me how. Unless and until you’ve stayed up talking to someone way into the night, you never really get to know the real them or the real you


Funny how that works, isn’t it? 3AM topics are usually on a whole other level. It’s not easy to bond with people that you wouldn’t strangle if they hit you up past 10PM, so do you see why it’s such a big deal?

Here are some topics that only you and your best friend can talk about after 3AM (Exclusive to BFFs only):


1. Paranormal Activity & Ghost Stories.
I’m not kidding! This is the kind of stuff that anyone else would label you as ‘crazy‘ for just bringing it up, but not your best friends. In fact, they’ll join you in your extensive list of theories on paranormal activities and you end up sharing spooky stories (if you’ve had any experiences at all). If you haven’t planned to explore a reportedly haunted location at least once in your life with your best friends, you’re all missing out, big time!


2. Conspiracy Theories.
BuzzFeed Unsolved? You’ve had entire binge-watch marathons with your best friend and discussed all kinds of conspiracy theories imaginable. You’ve wondered if the Bermuda Triangle is really an all-consuming portal to Hell, wanted to explore the catacombs under the pyramids in Egypt, wanted to be part of a mind-boggling mystery— all of it. Anyone else would call you ‘delusional‘; your best friend will say ‘Let’s do this!

giphy (25)

3. Exes. 
All the good times, all the messy details, all the secrets just tumble out when you’re discussing exes with your best friend after 3AM. I don’t know what it is about this hour that throws inhibitions out the window, but it’s probably going to be among the most real conversations that you would share with your best friend. This kind of emotional connection doesn’t happen with anybody else. Not even your romantic partners.

tenor (12)


4. Boy/ Girl Drama. 
Crushes, boyfriends, girlfriends, dates— if there is one person on the planet who can hear you out and tell you about what’s going on, it’s your best friend. And honestly, if you can’t share these things with your best friends, who are you going to share them with? 3AM conversations can give you so much better insight than regular conversations and that’s a fact.


5. Deepest, Darkest Secrets.
Love them, hate them, we’ve all got them. And after 3AM, these secrets start tumbling out. Your best friends will know you on a different level than anyone else ever will because of these secrets that you share. I know this for a fact because all my conversations with my best friends, from 1AM to post 3AM, are surprisingly transparent and honest. I never thought I could bare myself like that to anybody until those conversations happened. Your darkest secrets may not really be as bad as you thought, after all.


One thing that I can tell you is that late-night conversations are going to be the most candid ones. Not that they’re a crucial part of your friendship, but they’re among the many, many factors that determine how strong your bond is with your best friends.

I’m saying this again, if you haven’t experienced this in your life, you’re missing out. Try it sometime, maybe?

Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Featured Image by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

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