In the Moment.

15th June, 2019

“Dear Diary,
I’ve never been one to worry about the future because I’ve always tackled things as and when they come my way. This used to surprise me a lot because, throughout school and college, I’ve seen my peers stress about the exams and assignments and everything else in between, whereas I was all chill about it. Their stress was contagious, though! Every time I saw all these people worried about exams or grades, I would worry if I was working hard enough because exam stress never hit me as hard as it did my peers, and I guess I’ll never know why.”


Maybe it’s because I never worried about my results, or maybe it’s because I had full faith that my preparations for the exams were good enough. None of that has adversely affected my grades in life, ever. See, I’ve never given much thought to the future to date. Because one thing we all know about life is that it’s going to be unpredictable. Even weather reports aren’t that accurate, so how can you expect our foresight to be? The farthest I go into ‘planning for the future’ is booking tickets for a trip a few months in advance. Everything else, I’ve realized, can be tackled along the way.


After all, what is the point of worrying so much about the future, to the extent where we fail to enjoy the present? Life is meant to be lived with gratitude for every single day that we get to leave a mark on this world. Worrying excessively about something that has already happened or something that may or may not even happen in the future is just exhausting and useless. Accept what has happened, and embrace what is yet to come.


Now, it’s up to you. Whether you want to take this as ‘Hakuna Matata’ or ‘Carpe Diem’ or ‘YOLO’ or whatever, the point is, don’t waste your lives overthinking or worrying about what may happen years down the line, blowing things out of proportion in your own heads. Don’t forget toΒ live. Fall in love, do crazy things, make memories and have epic stories to tell so that when you look back at how far you’ve come someday you’ll have no regrets.

Live it up!

Cheerio! Xx

Hey guys! For day 15, I chose to write about one philosophy I live by. There cannot be a better one that I have followed. I would love to hear the philosophies you live by, too! You can also contact me on my Instagram. I’ll look forward to hearing from you!
Yours truly,Β 
The Shubhster.

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  1. Thank you so much for writing this, I was always the person with a future plan but five years ago everything changed and now I want to take it easy and be easy on myself too. I was contemplating if I could actually take things as they come and your article helps me to give myself permission to do so. Thanks again Shubhi 😘😘😘

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