“She Is A Cut Above The Others…”

“I am a 35 year old man who was blessed by her writing and perspective and it helped me as much as any religious propaganda or social philosophy banter from some self-proclaimed Guru. She is going to go so much further than she knows, and I will proudly say I remember when this stranger, who was a teenager, wrote and published words that helped me get through the lowest point of my life. So I closed my mind’s hamster wheel of destructive thoughts and listened. A teenage girl coached a 34 year old at the time, listened to his tears and cried from the eyes of a stranger, and helped me put one foot in front of the other by offering intelligent, encouraging words and genuine human sentiment. She is a cut above the others, and has my heart and respect on a human level that I can never repay.”

-Eric Salter.
(Musician, Alabama)
Mr. Salter was formerly a bassist in the Alabama-based band TRUST Company during the years 2008-09.

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