Them ‘Fictional’ Boys.

While many may not relate to this article, please understand that this is written purely from the perspective of a dedicated fangirl and bookworm!

Oh dear lord, he’s just so perfect. He is such a gentleman! I can’t stop admiring him! Tall, handsome as hell, dark hair, light eyes, chiseled body! God help me! He’s dreamy! *sigh* I think I’m in love! 

Okay, hold on! Who is this guy anyway? Anyone I know?

Not ‘guy’; plural- ‘guys’! James Potter, Augustus Waters, Four, Peeta Mellark, Damon and Stefan Salvatore, Sam and Dean Winchester, Sherlock Holmes, Chandler Bing, Joey Tribbiani, Klaus and Elijah Mikealson… and Mr.Darcy! 

Um, are you aware that…

I know! They’re all fictional! They don’t exist. They’re not aware that I exist! The perfect guy just does not exist. *sob*


You think I’m kidding right now, but I’m not even?! Fangirling is an endless cycle of sobs, day-dreaming and most importantly- dangerously high standards set for boys. As a girl, I can relate to this so much. Obsessing over how extremely perfect a male protagonist- oh Hell, or even a male antagonist– is, is a very common thing among fangirls.

Here’s what happens- we expect boys to behave more and more like a dreamy, fictional character. While it may not be so realistic thing to expect a ‘perfect ten,‘ it’s not too bad either. The good part about being in love with a fictional character is that he won’t break you heart.

The bad part? He ain’t real, girls! Snap out of it!

But really, if you’re looking for someone just as dreamy as the fictional guy you moon over, he’s out there somewhere. Besides, girls- you don’t need a guy to define you. And boys, don’t mock the girls for ‘reading too much and expecting stupid things from you.‘ For all we know, you would just be proving their point about never finding someone as good as the men they read about.

Yeah. Don’t be this guy!

Ask me how I can fall head over heels in love with someone I have never even met in person, and I’d probably say something sappy like “You don’t necessarily have to meet the person to fall in love with him!” because, “Love is blind.” And I think all of my fellow fangirls from all around the world would agree with me on this one!

If anything, the personality fictional boy a girl likes tells a lot about her personality. Take notes, boys! If the girl you like is a bookworm/ fangirl, you’d better be at least half as good as the fictional boy she is mooning over. Sure, this may sound crazy as Hades, and it may not make a whole lot of sense, but being extremely well mannered is a sure shot way to win over a fangirl.

In my opinion, though, all men are supposed to behave like true gentlemen generally, irrespective of the presence of women. Slam me all you want for being judgy or whatever- but I stand by my opinion. 

A gentleman is always way more attractive than a hipster.

So girls, here’s what you need to know- the perfect boys are not always fictional. Just because you haven’t come across the one you have in mind, doesn’t necessarily mean that he does not exist (unless the one you adore is dead, or not human…). Don’t always look for the ‘perfect ten on ten,‘ but don’t sell yourself short, either.

Keep reading, keep fangirling and don’t stop mooning over them fictional boys.

Cheerio! Xx



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Yours truly,

The Shubhster.


4 thoughts on “Them ‘Fictional’ Boys.

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  1. I met my husband at an Army function. He was gorgeous, sweet as candy, tender, strong. That day he saved my life when I would have fallen off a cliff into the Pacific Ocean on the other side of the Bay Bridge. So I married him. He’s not a ten. He makes to pretense to being perfect. He says he’s a seven or eight, a high potential low achiever, but I rate him a twelve. He’s stuck with me through hard times, made bad better, changed to make out situation better. We’ve been married for 36 and a half years and hope for longer.

    He doesn’t need to be a ten. He just has to love you with a full heart and a willingness to be loved. Took me a while to find him but when I did, I kept him.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That’s a really beautiful story, Mrs.Ann White! :’) I’m really happy you both got married and 36 years is LONG TIME! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful story with me!😄
      And it’s true, a person may be an eight or nine to the world, but they are a perfect ten to the ones who really matter!❤
      Any words of advice you have for this young girl here?
      Hugs. Xx


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