Fact Check!

You know when they tell you to check your facts a couple of times before you do something? You really should listen to that advice in the future to avoid embarrassing yourself badly. I don’t mean you in particular; just the general population.

What I mean is that sometimes we behave recklessly and end up in situations that we might have rather avoided instead. Think of it as a kind of reminder for the future when you find yourselves in such a situation. Sometimes, we may think that we are doing something for another person out of concern for them. But consent is a real thing; we mustn’t force our opinions and our choices on them simply because we think something might be right for them.

After all, no matter how close you are to somebody, we mustn’t do anything for them without checking on them first. We must make sure that what we’re doing for a person is not just the right thing to do by them, but also the right thing to do for them. And should anybody tell you that they are ‘only doing this in your best interest,’ you are allowed to tell them that your best interests don’t involve your close ones acting as though your opinions don’t matter at all.

Because real well-wishers take the effort to make sure that what they’re doing for their friends is welcomed and appreciated, and not forced upon them due to their own assumptions. This is a pretty important lesson that I don’t think a lot of us feel the need for until it is much too late. But, of course, it is something we all need to learn at some point.

Here’s a reminder to be more considerate of what your actions might be perceived as, no matter how they must seem to you from where you stand. It always helps to be more understanding of your friends.

Let’s be more mindful. Xx

Featured Image by nikko macaspac on Unsplash

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