#NaPoWriMo Day 29: The Iris Of Imagination.

Today, I went with one of the older prompts from napowrimo.net, just to take something fun to do. The prompt was to title the poem as such: ‘The [flower] Of [abstract noun]’. I came up with a very whimsical take on it after the beautiful experience of having watched ‘Suzume’ today.

I hope you enjoy reading the poem!

How fair it blooms,
The iris of imagination–
Dreams unfurl in its petals,
Like a canvas of wishes,
A beacon of light,
Swaying with the winds of fancy
Weaved into the neverending dance
Between the day and the night.

A magical, wondrous thing,
It wilts, it thrives,
Luring the muses,
Truly a sight to behold,
Harbouring the secrets
And the sweet whisper
Of all the mysteries there are
Yet to unfold.

The iris calls out to me
Like a voice from a realm beyond,
Somewhere reality does not exist,
Somewhere the colours are brighter–
My dreams drenched in purple and blue,
The iris hides its secrets too;
It grows in the garden of my mind,
Somewhere safe, no one can find.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Michael C on Unsplash


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