Blog Milestone: 5K Views.

I think I can confidently say that August was an extremely lucky month for my blog, this year. It has just been one milestone after another and I am at a loss for words because no amount of gratitude will ever be enough here.

There’s this thing about setting personal bests for yourself: you’re always hungry for more. You’re always striving to outdo yourself. That competition with yourself can either be extremely healthy for you, or extremely unhealthy. This is one of those things that never works in moderation. And if you’re anything like me, anything that doesn’t hold up to the standards of your previous best isn’t considered any good. Every single milestone you cross is going to make you want more. And you’re not going to stop working hard until you outdo yourself, either.

So, when my blog crossed around 4.8k views in July, my target for August was naturally 5k. The number seems very daunting at first, for bloggers like me who have never hit that number before. Believe it or not, the highest number of views on my blog used to be just 1.6k at one point in time. I’ve come a long way and I cannot believe how much this site of mine has grown over the last 519 days. In August alone, I crossed a bunch of milestones and and I’m so grateful for everyone who reads my posts and finds something to take away from it every single time. It means the world to me that my words can end up meaning something to the people who read them, no matter where they’re from.

It helps to some extent. Milestones do exactly what they’re meant to do: they let you know where you’re headed with what you’re doing. If you’d asked me a year ago if my blog could ever make it to 5k views, I’d have laughed because back then, 1.6k views was the highest number that my blog stats had ever seen. This isn’t about the numbers to me, though. Sure, these numbers mean a lot to me because I never really expected so much love for my writing, but the fact that something I just started impulsively, without really giving it a second thought, has grown so much– it makes me feel the kind of warmth that I cannot really put into words.

I am on a full-blown spiral right now because I’m torn between wanting to celebrate this tiny, tiny milestone and trying to write more quality content for everybody who reads my posts on a daily basis (and selfishly speaking, for myself). Things have been derailed by a little bit because we have moved houses recently and I’m still writing directly out of my phone, right now, but I have so much more content in store and I cannot wait to get back to my full-fledged writing again!

A million thanks and big hugs to everyone who follows and reads my blog posts and takes the time to reach out to me. I couldn’t have done this without you, and you all will forever be a part of all my milestones and successes.

Hugs. Xx

The Shubhster.

Featured Image by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

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  1. Congratulations and cheers to more! I am glad I am one of those viewers-love how honest and raw your content is. Also, its not luck, its hard work, which i can see you put in a lot of!

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