At a Loss for Words.

The funniest thing ever is when I find myself thinking about how to hold a conversation with people; you’d think it wouldn’t be the most difficult thing for me, considering how my entire choice of career is based on words. I find it hilariously ironic how I struggle to find the right words. It’s even funnier when I’m desperately trying to grab hold of a topic to write about. These are things that I just have to laugh at because everyone automatically assumes that I have a lot to say. They’re not wrong, by the way. I am an extremely talkative person and I’m usually good at keeping the conversation going. But there are times when even I have to deal with awkward silences.

An equally ridiculous situation is when I stare at a blank canvas for hours because I simply cannot come up with a concept for the artwork. You know that moment when we so badly want to say something but our brain chooses that exact moment to shut things down for no apparent reason? Yeah. It’s extremely annoying, isn’t it? For people like me who write every single day, it happens more often than we would like for it to happen and we end up giving ourselves a very hard time over this. It’s not our faults, but we still feel bad about it anyway.

If you’re going through one of those days when you’re unable to come up with something really good, I hope you’re kind enough to not let it get to you too much. The best ideas often come to us only when we’re staring into nothingness, with absolutely nothing on our minds. It’s like that thing they teach you in swimming classes– stay still enough and you’ll be able to float; thrash around the slightest bit or tense up, and you’ll end up losing your balance. But here comes the most difficult part: how does anybody expect a creative person to even attempt clearing out their head? It’s where we live, around 99.99% of the time. Reality, who?

Speaking from personal experience, though, the best ideas do hit me when I’m just messing around with absolutely no intention of perfection. It just happens. Most creatives would agree with me here, which is amazing because I can tell you how most of my life lessons come from creative people. It’s crazy how they look at the world and it’s crazier how they deal with life in general and that is one of the most inspiring things ever.

So, if you ever find yourself at a loss for words or ideas, just keep playing around with the most ridiculous things that your mind comes up with and I can promise you that you’ll find what you’re looking for. It will come to you. You just have to stop digging so hard because the most elusive things often end up being the easiest to find.

Hope you find what you’re looking for!

Cheerio! Xx

(P.S: That thing I was talking about? Messing around and accidentally finding your words? This whole post started as me just messing around. I originally had no idea where I was going with this. See what I mean?)

Featured Image by Esther Wilhelmsson on Unsplash

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