What Other Way Is There To Create?

When I’m asked why I put so much of myself into my art, I wonder, ‘What other way is there to create anything at all?

Art has always been something deeply personal, not just to me, but to anybody who has indulged in it, even if it was only for a moment or so. It is close to impossible to not put any part of yourself into your work because art is always something that comes from a place deep within and it often manifests in the way you create something.

It’s not hard to notice all the ways that people have ended up putting a piece of themselves into the things they create. In every piece of fiction, in every piece of non-fiction, there is a piece, no matter how little, of the person who created it and I think that’s one of the most beautiful things about having the power to actually make something from scratch and turn it into something incredible.

A lot of artists are actually scared to put too much of themselves out there because they don’t want that kind of vulnerability, which is very valid and important to understand. But even in the most abstract of concepts, there lies a tiny piece of the mind and soul that it began with. It’s something that really makes one wonder how much of art we take at face value, rather than taking a moment to think about what must have brought it on.

I think I’m beginning to understand why people hold art in such high esteem. Of course, things are still incredibly difficult for artists because people choose to not see things the way we do, but I can see why so much has been written about art making people immortal.

There are going to be things that people leave behind; some of them are going to get destroyed, others might end up finding new homes and the rest are going to be scattered. It’s a little morbid and a whole lot beautiful how we’re going to leave a part of us behind regardless. Whether it’s in the things we created, the lives we touched, the letters we wrote or something else.

It’s obvious that a little piece of you always goes into anything and everything you make, whether it is for yourself or in the things you do for everybody else. What matters is where you choose to put a part of yourself and how much of it you want to give away. It’s a skill, really, to put a piece of you and hide it in a way that people can’t seem to figure out just what it means and how it is about you.

It’s only natural to leave a little bit of yourself in everything you do. We’re probably doing it all the time, even if we don’t know about it yet. Which is why it is important to give yourself and your work the appreciation where it’s due.

There is so much more to the things that we see around us than we are made to believe. We only need to open our eyes and see.

Cheerio! Xx

Featured Image by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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