A Reminder Maybe?

It is, perhaps, one of the rarest things in the world when people actually expect you to not have to give up things you like for the sake of what you’ve been asked you to do. It is one of the most basic forms of respect, but it is so overlooked by so many that it begins to feel like something rare. It is deeply unsettling to me, for some reason, that we hold the most basic of things in such high regard. It’s as though we don’t believe we could be worthy of being understood for who we are, and that’s just not right.

Of course we’re all willing to give up on the things we like for the things we want. But when somebody tells you that they do not wish to take that part of you away, it really makes you wonder whether you’re looking at yourself right in the mirror. It makes you wonder if you should possibly appreciate yourself a little more for who you are. After all, in a world where most just take from you, it feels empowering to be given a choice. It feels nice to know that there are some people out there who don’t want you to lose your vibrance to things such as ‘a sense of duty’ and that is just so rare.

It makes me wonder why we aren’t willing to give ourselves the freedom of doing what we’re actually good at instead of doing whatever it takes to stay afloat. But the thing about staying afloat is that eventually, we’re all going to tire out and then just find ourselves sinking because we can’t keep going any longer. Staying afloat is not thriving and I think we should give ourselves a little more than just finding a way to hold onto practically nothing, only for it all to be in vain. That is no way to live.

I was told, this morning, that I shouldn’t do something just because I felt as though I had to. Instead, I should be doing what makes me happy and what I am best at. I wish more people recognized others’ talents and allowed them to thrive in the environment they worked the best in. It is so good to walk out of our comfort zones and it helps us grow a lot, but it is also important to allow people the basic right to grow within the boundaries they have set for themselves.

There was a time when I used to think that I would do my best if I was pushed to do my best and give up a bunch of things that were important to me. But when I was given the choice and the respect for who I am, and when I was told that the other person would hate to take away what made me who I am, I had to give it another thought. I had to ask myself why I keep thinking so little of myself when I should be, maybe, a little more proud of the person I am.

Maybe we all should.

Cheerio! Xx

Featured Image by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “A Reminder Maybe?

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  1. Human nature is jumbled.
    Every one wants to perform the tasks which make them happy but, not everyone is fortunate enough.
    Sooner or later 7/10 people have to give up things they actually like and have to work according to what they’ve been ordered.


    1. I agree.
      But the whole point was to make people understand that when people are actually offering them a way out, a chance to pursue what they actually like, they should take it because not everyone gives you that choice. It is one thing to not have another option and a whole other thing to be given the option and not take it.


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