What Cloud Ever Will?

Where would a star be if it didn’t glow?
Where would the daylight go?
Where would they be,
The mountain peaks shining gold?
Where would they quench their thirst,
Those forever curious souls?
No allure to those evenings by the sea,
Nor any to the moon above,
Swimming in the endless dark,
Yearning for that little spark,
No light, not in the faintest–
Where would we be without it all?
They tell us to put out our lamps
Afraid of disasters our fires could wreak,
As though we had ever been safe;
We’ve been drowning in our misery.
No strangers to being trapped
In a house that was never built for us,
Looking for a way out of this lonesome tower
That we watch the faraway world from.
How audacious of them, I wonder,
To chain us and expect no fight,
When we’ve been in battle all along,
Fighting for the light.
When the voices get too loud in the dark,
For in the darkness they dare to hide,
After all, who could ever lock away
What was only meant to catch eyes?
Burn them with your fire red,
Leave ashes in your wake,
The oceans couldn’t quench you,
Nor they ever will;
What light was ever hidden by clouds
That didn’t shine through still?

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Today, I reminded myself that no matter what, you shouldn’t have to give up on the things that make you who you are. People will try to tell you that you cannot have or be everything you ever wanted, and maybe that rings true on some level, but it shouldn’t stop you from all that you have ever mapped out for yourself. It’s not the easiest road you’ll have to take, but that doesn’t mean the fire within you should be put out by those who can’t touch it.
Yours truly,
The Shubhster. Xx

Featured Image by Jesse Gardner on Unsplash

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