#NaPoWriMo Day 3: Loving Words For A Memory.

Today’s ‘prompt’ via napowrimo.net is more of an activity, and a very useful trick to break through creative blocks. The activity is to create a ‘Universal Deck’ of words that sound good to you, writing 50 pairs of words on cards that you can use on a later date as well. To decide what your prompts will be, you need to draw two cards randomly.

Since Kriti (from Kittu’s Modern Mixtape), Anupriya (from Amour Infini) and I are doing NaPoWriMo together this year, we decided to come up with one ‘Universal Deck’ instead of doing three separate ones. We came up with 50 pairs of words and drew cards from our deck randomly to decide the prompts that we would be using today! Go check out Kittu’s Modern Mixtape and Amour Infini’s Instagram to read the wonderful poems that they have written.

The words I drew from my deck were etherealscars, lawn chairs and wooden doors. Anupriya, very accurately, pointed out that my set of words gave her ‘a very cottage-core’ vibe, so I decided to go ahead and write a poem full of cottage-core elements and imagery. Don’t miss the endnotes to read more about the poem.

I hope you enjoy reading it! Xx

I have a memory.

It’s only little golden flashes that I see,
Like sparks flying free,
Cracking out of the near-dead glowing embers
That lie smoldering in the fireplace—
It’s a distant one, this memory,
So faraway and out-of-place;
Why, then, does it feel so dear
Like it’s some long-buried part of me?

It is, but, a memory

Reminiscent of a life I’ve never lived,
Vivid and vague all the same,
So real,
So fake,
I could swear I’ve touched those colours,
Felt them stay behind on my fingertips—
Little butterfly touches
From little butterfly wings that leave
Sparks of shimmering silver,
A heady fragrance, a heavy mist.

A hazy, faded memory.

In this memory from another life,
I’m sprawled out on the grass
In a meadow that I’ve hidden away from prying eyes,
There’s peace unlike I’ve ever had;
If all the scars I’ve been left with could bleed
Sapping me of the smidgen of life I have,
This would be the memory I’d go back to
As I lose myself and fade into the void.

The last thing I’ll ever know is this memory.

In flowing white, the hem now stained green,
And the shoes I’ve never walked a mile in
Lie tossed aside carelessly,
In one of those lawn chairs under blossoming cherry trees,
Basking in that ethereal gold,
Warmth of sunlight down to my toes,
With nothing but poetry and solitude for company,
There’s not much more I could ask for.

So, I write in loving words about this memory.

The wooden doors to this life shall shut,
I’ll find myself back in that memory,
And I would relive the days I don’t recall,
Breathing in the warmth,
Painted in shades of green and gold,
Walking barefoot across the dewy meadow
That in some life belonged to me;
Losing myself to what must have once been
Now seems like an escape
From this awfully dreary existence,
In a world so lackluster and mundane;
Perhaps this is the reason,
The answer—
Why I’ve never belonged anywhere else,
I’ll be at home when I go back,
Maybe forever.

That is where you’ll find me singing songs
In loving words for a memory.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

This poem is inspired by a very real and recurring dream that I have cherished for the longest time. That also explains why this is probably one of my longest and best poems written till date. I put all my heart and soul into writing this poem because it is something very dear to me. We all have dreams that we wish would be the last thing we’ll see when we finally close our eyes; we have painted this picture of what peace could look like, in our heads, and this just happens to be mine. I hope you liked this poem as much as I loved writing it.
Yours truly,
The Shubhster. Xx

Featured Image by Sonia Cervantes on Unsplash

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