Dream A Little Dream.

Happy Mother’s Day to all kinds of moms everywhere!

I thought about what would be a right fit to write here today, and I decided to go with this poem that is inspired by very real events from my childhood and just the fact that my Mom needs all but 5 minutes to pat me to sleep… even though I’m 23…

YEAH, SO! Happy reading and I hope you like the poem! Xx

Feet up against the wall,
It was just you and me—
Me, making up stories about everything and nothing,
And some things in between,
Talking about something in the future
And somebody that I’ll never be,
Running around and away with my mind,
Knowing I’d always come back to you,
And you, as always,
Patiently listening,
Like there was nowhere else you’d rather be,
But right here, daydreaming with me.

I wonder why we don’t do that anymore—
My stories fail to fit in mere words,
But you have lived more stories than I’ve heard;
Now that the tables have turned,
And I am a willing listener,
There’s no going back to lost time,
All I have is right now where I can be
Right beside you, listening,
Perhaps not quite patient as you,
But I promise I shall try to be.

And when I find myself sleepless,
Mind wandering,
Thoughts creeping in the dark,
I find the pieces of life you’ve given me,
Embrace comforting,
I think of you when I think of home.

I dream a little dream,
Drifting along the tides of memories,
And some twenty years later
While you gently pat me to sleep,
Tucking me in a blanket I didn’t need;
I’m still that little girl with a lot of stories,

And you still listen as you always did,

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Seyedeh Hamideh Kazemi on Unsplash

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