A Ray of Hope?

Sometimes you wonder if something terrible is only happening to you because you’ve done something wrong, and this is the only way you can repent. But that is not true. We are made to believe as though everything wrong that happens to us a direct result of our actions. Does it have the potential to be? Yes. But if you have a clear conscience, then you’ve got not much to worry about.

But here’s the thing, losing hope is so, so easy. It’s a brittle thing, like spun sugar. It cracks in an instant, with the lightest of pressure. Whether we crack or not isn’t upto us. We can’t always be too strong, and that is alright.

And sometimes, hope comes in the unlikeliest of places, in the unlikeliest of faces. Whether we see it or not solely depends upon what we allow ourselves to believe about us. Maybe I don’t have much hope left right now, but I am trying my best to hold on to whatever there is. Even if there is a slight chance of things working out, I would like to take it.

Here’s to another day of just hoping that things go well. For all of us. Xx

Featured Image by Grant Ritchie on Unsplash

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