The Collapse.

Sometimes, we might spend the entire day trying to come up with something productive and still not be successful at it. It’s not really our fault for failing to do so. It’s just that sometimes, we don’t realize how exhausted we are until much later. There is probably a lot more stuff to do than we thought we would have managed, and it is okay to feel completely exhausted during such times.

It’s not always easy to keep going when there is too much to do, and feeling overwhelmed is very, very real. A lot of people might mistake it for lethargy. But what it really is, is exhaustion from a long, long time of overworking ourselves. We don’t really allow ourselves to acknowledge that until too late because we don’t realize what it is actually doing to us until we’re worn out and too tired to come up with anything at all.

And you know what? On those days, we need to allow ourselves the downtime to recover and do better when the time comes. We will have plenty of chances to pick ourselves up and do better when we are in a better headspace for it. Forcing something to happen is never going to work, not even if we were really stubborn about it.

One would think that it is okay to push ourselves today and rest tomorrow, even on a bad day. But you know, you begin to make that excuse every single day until you physically and mentally cannot take it anymore.

Nobody wants that for themselves, now, do they?

Featured Image by Patrick Perkins on Unsplash

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