On some days, you feel like doing nothing at all because you don’t have it in you to find enough inspiration…

Until that one breakthrough moment that reminds you of how much you are actually capable of. It opens the floodgates to inspiration, and, just like that, you have a whole new bunch of ideas that you want to work on. And it only happens at the oddest of times. For instance, right before you’re going to sleep.

I found myself making a mini-vlog of my recent trip, and planning my next two artworks, as well a personal project that I will talk about very soon because it is huge and I really want to make a big deal about it.

Anyway, the important thing here is to allow yourselves to rest and laze around until you find your breakthrough moment. It will happen! It’s impossible for it to not happen! You’re going to find that one thing that gets you doing what you do best once again, even if it seems pretty much impossible right now.

Sometimes, we might have bad days and we might end up questioning our worth. But here’s the thing: our past achievements already speak volumes about what we are or aren’t capable of. I think it’s important to remind yourselves that if you’ve done it before, it’s going to be marginally easier this time. Sometimes, we just need to get ourselves mentally prepared to do the things we are already good at because they do drain a lot out of us, even if we love them with all our soul.

One fine day, you’re going to realize that your worth isn’t going to be measured in how much you can push yourselves to do in a day or how productive you can be, but in the way you are as a person. Of course your talents mean something, but you shouldn’t have to force it out of yourselves just because the world is so fast paced and constantly tells you to hustle until you drop.

Breathe. You’ve got this. Xx

Featured Image by Jp Valery on Unsplash

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