#NaPoWriMo Day 20: Sweet Dreams.

Tossing and turning, and wide awake,
Staring at the ceiling like it’d help me sleep,
White noise around me a tad too loud,
I couldn’t slip away, so you kept me company.
Two nights in a row, you were beside me,
Here for me from a thousand miles away–
We’d talk about this and that,
And everything else in between,
‘Til the crack of dawn, we’d laugh.

The days passing my me
In what felt like an endless haze–
You were still right here,
Through my groggy eyes,
And sleepy gibberish only you understood,
And the nights, once again,
Would be spent awake and brooding.

That’s when you opened the door
To a world of music unheard before,
Songs that would rock me to sleep,
Under a star-specked midnight Blue.
So I dreamt of Summer Lovers,
Sitting Under Cherry Blossom Trees,
In the gentle breeze of 5:32pm,
And I Can’t Help but drift away.

And for a second it felt so real,
A World at Peace–
Breathing deeply, Comfortably Numb…
Your words, as though cooing to me,
‘Sleep well, dear friend,
And sweet dreams’.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Today’s prompt via napowrimo.net was to write about a handmade gift you’ve recieved that has meant a lot to you. This one is about a playlist that my best friend once made for me, filled with songs that help me sleep whenever my mind is restless. It’s the first playlist anybody has made for me and it has always been very special to me.

Featured Image by Jonas Geschke on Unsplash

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