Glamour & Grandeur.

Like I mentioned in yesterday’s extremely hurried post, I am not at home right now. I am attending the wedding that I also mentioned about in yesterday’s post and I am actually having a great time here!

But here’s the thing, right? For those who don’t know about it (assuming  you’re reading my post from somewhere that isn’t India), most traditional brown weddings last anywhere between 4-10 days, including all the festivities and the rituals and whatnot! The number of people in attendance alone, for traditional weddings is enough to leave a person’s jaws on the floor. So, you can imagine my surprise attending a wedding that has only around 30 or so people in attendance (we’ll have the pandemic to thank… not!). It’s just a small gathering and everyone’s being safe, taking all measures possible to stay safe so let’s not go there! But I am genuinely surprised by how much I am actually enjoying myself here.

so much fun

To be fair, in large gatherings where there are over 300 people present, there really isn’t time for anybody to get to know each other, let alone make new acquaintances. This feels different, though. We’re already familiar with some people from the groom’s side and team bride is actually lacking the numbers, but moving on; I’m actually not uncomfortable or trying to hide myself in the shadows this time? That’s good news to me!

I don’t think it drained me out as much as a conventional wedding would have, considering how I’m still writing here instead of being passed out in some corner of the house! But, to be honest with you, I think the idea of keeping it small is actually growing on me. No unnecessary mess or fuss, no inter-family drama, no scenes being made, just people getting to know and getting along.

i thought we were getting along

After all, aren’t weddings supposed to bring people together (and I don’t just mean the bride and the groom, here!)? For what it’s worth, the bride and the groom seem very happy and very much in love; I don’t think I’ve seen people smile so bright when they look at each other, and honestly, who doesn’t love love? It’s the most beautiful thing ever to see people celebrate their love and I’m here for it!

As for the small gatherings and the small crowds, I am coming around to the idea that you can celebrate something that is so important in a low-key manner, whether the world is in crisis or otherwise. Everyone feels like family at this point, and I am glad that there’s no drama going down here.

we dont want drama

At the end of the day, this is about celebrating something beautiful and I don’t think that numbers or petty details like the glamour and grandeur of it all mean anything to anybody.

They’re happy, we’re happy and that’s all that matters.

Until tomorrow!
The Shubhster. Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Featured image by yours truly!

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