Hi, There!!!


I’ll keep this very quick and short.

I’m leaving on a road trip one day ahead of schedule, and things are a little all over the place right now. I am typing this in the middle of some last-minute packing and it’s hilarious because I’ve got henna applied on one of my hands and things aren’t very easy for me right now, writing-wise.

This is just a friendly reminder to everyone that things don’t always go according to plan and that we should always be ready for whatever comes our way, and even then, we can’t be ready for things that might hit us completely out of the blue.

Expect the unexpected today and make sure that you embrace whatever shift in pace the world throws at you. You never know, things might turn out for the better.

I’ll continue with my usual posts tomorrow because I’m guessing I’ll have a little more time for this, tomorrow. But for now, I gotta run and finish up with the last minute packing, unless I forget things that I actually need for tomorrow! (Did I mention I’m attending a wedding? Well, I just did!)

Have a great day, everyone!


Featured Image by Anna Vi on Unsplash

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    1. I think I would have written a longer post yesterday if it wasn’t for the henna! Nevertheless, the first day at the wedding was beautiful and I can’t wait for the main event tomorrow! Hope you’re having a great day! Xx


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