What’s It Like To Feel Stuck?

I know I talk a great deal about things happening in their own time, even if we just help them along every now and then, I feel like I’m stuck, at times, too. It’s something very common, especially now that most of us are, in fact, stuck at home. Well, we have reasons for being that way, but along with feeling stuck also comes the feeling that every single thing you had planned for yourself has somehow fallen through the cracks.

But you know, there are things that we cannot control, and feeling stuck is just one of the many.

I’m not saying there aren’t things we can do to make ourselves feel better in such cases, but I want everyone to know that this is okay. This isn’t a sign or anything that you aren’t doing enough for yourself. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t working hard enough to realize whatever goal you have for yourself in mind. Yes, you are powerful enough to get yourself out of whatever funk you’re going through, but mental and emotional fatigue are very real things and nobody should tell you any differently.

Sometimes, it just feels as though the entire world is moving on and you’re somehow still stagnant. It just feels as though nothing is working in your favour, no matter how much you’re working for it and no matter how much effort you’re willing to put into it. Your mind feels all over the place and nowhere at the same time. I wish more people talked about feeling this way. The more I see people talk about their real and vulnerable sides, the more I realize that things I see cannot ever be taken at face-value. It never is as easy as it seems.

What do people want to know? They want to know about your victories, obviously, but they also want to know that they belong in a place where they are allowed to fail sometimes. Failure isn’t something that can be controlled all the time. Sometimes, it’s just about external factors. The disappointment is crushing and we end up feeling so discouraged, but it is only normal to feel that way because we all want to do something significant with our lives. It’s only natural to feel as though things haven’t been going your way whenever you feel stuck with whatever you’ve been going through.

This is a reminder that it is okay for you to work on yourself and take a break from things whenever you feel stuck. It’s okay for you to cope with things in whatever healthy manner you choose to. It’s okay to feel as though things haven’t been going too well lately, because they really haven’t.

We can always try to look at things in a more positive manner, but feeling low isn’t something that we can switch on or off as and when we feel like. We could take this as a sign that we need to do better. We could slow down a little bit if we feel overwhelmed by everything going on around us. Or, we could just understand that this is a part of our life and that things do get better at some point.

All we need to do is keep going and know when to slow down. Xx

Featured Image by Steve Halama on Unsplash

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