Sijo Saturday.

As promised, I am back with more Sijo for this weekend. Those of you who haven’t read my previous Sijo can go read them here. I am currently loving this form of poetry because it looks simple on the surface, but it really makes you think. As someone who is used to writing longer forms of poetry, Sijo is a welcome change on the days when I need to just slow down. I have decided that I am going to write Sijo every Saturday. If you’re interested, join me in writing them and you can always leave a link under my posts!

Anyway, here are the Sijo I wrote today:


Yearning for the light,
                breaking out the clouds,
                                when heavy rains have ceased,
We planted roses in our garden,
                                in yellows, reds and pinks—
And now, it’s all I’ve left of you,
                                it’s all you left when you left me.



The sun sets,
                leaving the sky ablaze,
                                fires most vicious when dying,
I picture burning in those flames,
                                would I go peaceful or crying?
And peace embraces me
                like a gentle breeze,
                                at last, I’ll be fine.



A piece of you
                that lived in me,
                                the one I can no longer feel,
Has faded into the depths,
                                like some unreal, distant dream;
No weight on my chest to kill me,
                                All I feel now is relief.



The moon no longer reminds me of you,
                                you’re no longer my home,
All there’s left is an empty space,
                                 since healed from the cruel wounds;
Time goes by,
                and you leave my mind,
                                until there’s no trace left of you.



So much between the lines we’ve missed,
                                never knowing to look further,
And everything we’ve left unsaid,
                                disappears into the dark—
If only we’d learned to read the signs,
                                we wouldn’t have fallen ‘part.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

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