Something to Look Forward to.

I am finally done with my job training!

I am now free for a couple of days and I have to say, this feels fantastic! I finished writing the trial content today, all the research included and then treated myself some amazing Chinese food on the job well done. It feels very satisfying that I was able to get things done well within the deadline. I know I am capable of it, of course. But it’s nice to give ourselves a reminder that we are capable of a lot more than we think. It baffles me how much we underestimate ourselves.

Until a few days ago, I didn’t think I had it in me to complete long-form content within the deadline. But once you take things one step at a time and you set little goals for yourself so that you have something to look forward to by the end of all that, you realize that you are actually capable of climbing whatever little mountain stands in front of you. It might seem like a huge task initially, but I promise you that it gets easier over time. You just have to let yourself believe that you can and then give it the best you have.

It has been a long, exhausting, but very productive day and I am going to get some rest now. But I promise I will come back with something good tomorrow. Everyone who reads my posts even though I have been virtually inactive here for a while, thank you so much.

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful day! Xx

Featured Image by Andreas Haslinger on Unsplash

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