Through The Mill.

I’ve been having a pretty difficult week, every single thing considered and I have been feeling utterly exhausted and unmotivated to do anything that makes me happy. I don’t remember when I last wrote something meaningful or made any art, and it just feels like the biggest loss of some kind because writing and art are such a big part of me. So, I’ve spent the entire day reading and discovered that maybe we are just too hard on ourselves at moments when we need a little bit of comfort.

Everyone around us always tells us to be tough as nails so that the world won’t break us. I think that, somewhere along the way, we have forgotten how to give ourselves the time and the space to recover from something that has drained all the motivation out of us. There is a limit to how much we can exhaust ourselves in one go, and I think we constantly push that limit because the world never stops being cut-throat.

I know. I’ve been saying this a lot, lately, but I just want everyone to know that they should put themselves and their well-being over anything else, sometimes, if not all the time. We have all been through so much lately, and we continue to be put through more as time goes by. Nobody knows what tomorrow holds and we still keep pushing ourselves to an unhealthy limit because we want to make something out of ourselves.

This is a reminder to all of you that hard work is one thing, but no hard work will ever result in something you can appreciate enough if you don’t allow yourself time and space to recover from the exhaustion that you go through.

Treat yourself kinder. Xx

Featured Image by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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