When Destiny Rolls Her Dice.

Destiny. She is a strange woman. She absolutely loves rolling her dice and turning the situation around for everyone- for better or for worse. She doesn’t care about the damage, until she has enough twists to keep her interested. In fact, she gives us so many options to choose from that she eventually ends up making us dream about things that probably might not even happen. She has been playing this game since forever now, and I dare say she is pretty darn good at it. If there is a way to beat her at all, it is to keep our heads high and hang in there!

On this day last year, I didn’t have the slightest clue about what I would be doing with my life. I’ll be honest with you, I was reading piles and piles of books because- social life, what in the world is that? Fast forward to today: I don’t have such a great social life, but at least I know what I am doing with my life. So much has happened within the last one year that I can’t even dream about walking down that road again. I have changed. A little, yes. But changed. 

That’s the whole point. We never know what is going to happen  next. Anything can happen and you have no idea if the situation would be in your favour.

“There are winds of destiny that blow when we least expect them. Sometimes they gust with the fury of a hurricane, sometimes they barely fan one’s cheek. But the winds cannot be denied, bringing as they often do a future that is impossible to ignore.”
― Nicholas Sparks, Message in a Bottle


Don’t be so scared, though. Destiny isn’t always that harsh. Look around. Count the number of things, number of people that you are thankful for. Every turn, every path you were made to choose- or chose, has brought you here.You are at a place in life where you may have certain difficulties, but you still have plenty to be thankful about. Difficulties come and go like passing clouds. There are gloomy, cloudy days and then there are sunny days.

No matter how harsh Destiny is, she is a fair player. She makes sure that our lives aren’t filled with misery. She knows how to balance the number of sunny days and gloomy days. She defines balance and unpredictability. So remember that no matter what you’re going through right now, you will get through this- because you can. Every single move Destiny makes shapes your life in ways you might never imagine. In the end, life is what we make of it.

“I have always believed, and I still believe, that whatever good or bad fortune may come our way we can always give it meaning and transform it into something of value.”
― Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha


We all make the mistake of confusing bad decision-making with destiny. Destiny is something beyond anybody’s control. Poor decision making is completely alright. We are but human and to err is human. Own up your mistakes and learn from them. That’s how we take matters regarding destiny into our own hands. Learn from your mistakes and empower yourself.

Don’t get disheartened if things do not go the way you wanted them to. Never give up. Things might unfold the way you expected them to, but you never know, they might turn out into something even better. Destiny might send you surprise packages and mind you this, they can be either gifts or pranks! Not all gifts Destiny sends are good. Be ready to be surprised.

“That which we manifest is before us; we are the creators of our own destiny. Be it through intention or ignorance, our successes and our failures have been brought on by none other than ourselves.”
― Garth Stein, The Art of Racing in the Rain


If you are the kind of person who looks back at their life and thinks, Gee, I was so stupid! I had no idea this would ever happen. It all seems too good to be true– join the club! I am but another lost soul trying to find some solid ground among you readers so that we can relate at some level or the other. Just think about it, did you ever think you would befriend someone the way you befriended your best friend? I’m sure every epic friendship starts with the most unlikely moments. If you don’t think that is Destiny’s work at its finest, I don’t even know what to make of it.

You never know what game Destiny is playing. She might be playing the good old Snakes And Ladders, or she could be playing Ludo, or heck- even Monopoly with your life. You never know when you’re going to go up that ladder, or land in jail, or get eaten up by one of those snakes. It all depends upon the number on the pair of dice- and you’re not rolling them, Destiny is.

“Do you ever wonder why things have to turn out the way they do?”
― Nicholas Sparks, A Walk to Remember


I only have a few things to tell you.

Firstly, make your own destiny. Despite what we think, destiny is a matter of choice more than a matter of chance. So wherever you are in life right now is because of your own choices. Live the life you have chosen for yourself instead of regretting the choices you made.

Secondly, Destiny does not come over for home visits. You just have to meet her and grab the chance while you still can.

Thirdly, never give up, no matter how rough the times get. Just remember that Destiny is kind enough to see to it that there is always someone for you to lean on when things go down the hill.

Lastly, understand that things always happen for a reason. Life does not necessarily take the shortest possible route to success.

“Your destiny is bound with the destinies of others. You must either learn to carry the Universe or be crushed by it. You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors.”
― Andrew Boyd, Daily Afflictions: The Agony of Being Connected to Everything in the Universe


So remember the next time you feel like you were sent on the wrong path by Destiny, there are no such things as wrong paths. They are merely the paths you didn’t know you could walk. The choices are made by you, even if the situations are not under your control! So go with your gut, and write your own destiny!

Cheerio! Xx


If you liked this article and could relate to it, spread the love! Also, do let me know what you think because I would love to hear from you all!

-Yours truly,

The Shubhster


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