(G)olden Wisdom.

24th June, 2019

“Dear Diary,
I spent the day with my grandmothers today. And as boring as it may sound, I have picked up a few really important things that they have learnt in their lives. A lot of which we fail to realize today. And sure, my grandmothers are not as open-minded as I’d like them to be, but they try their best to keep up with our rapidly changing thoughts, acceptance, tolerance and open-mindedness. I don’t say this much, but I am grateful that I have these two ladies around because, believe it or not, they are incredibly strong women and full of wisdom.”


And no, this isn’t the kind of wisdom that your average granny would sit you down and drill into your head with her sweet words. This is the kind of wisdom that I have received by observing how they go about their lives. The kind of world they were raised in was very different, compared to ours, especially where I come from. So I really do get it when they take their time to understand what exactly it is that their grandchildren are doing with their lives.


I remember breaking the news to my Gran and Nana saying that I was going to pursue a degree in Arts and not Engineering. Nana always knew I would pursue Arts, but Gran had her doubts initially. But she couldn’t be more proud of me now. I guess she just needed to take her time to wrap her head around the fact that I wasn’t going to take the conventional route. I used to get really pissed that a lot of people didn’t get the reason why I chose Arts, but I  understand now.


The most important thing that I’ve learnt from my grandmothers is that we need to toughen up. We need to be tough as nails, and if need be, even tougher. They have been through times so rough, the present me would have probably given up within 10 seconds in that situation. I have no idea how they got so far to where they are right now, but they have all of my respect.

So, if your grandparents are around, or a phone call away, tell them right now how important they are, and how grateful you are for them.

Their wisdom goes deeper than we know.

Cheerio! Xx

Hey guys! I hope you liked my post. For day 24, I chose to write about the elders I am grateful for. If you liked the post, or have similar stories to tell, let me know in the comments below. You can also contact me on my Instagram. I’ll look forward to hearing from you.
Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

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