Brave fighter, it’s over now,
You’ve been so brilliant, a burning star;
Left us a void behind, we see no end,
So travel safe now, au revoir.
Though you shall be dearly missed,
Your memories we will cherish,
All the lessons you taught us
And all the pearls of wisdom,
We shall treasure forever.
They say the worst day of loving
Is the day you feel the loss.
How, then, do we ever tell you again,
How precious the place you held was?
Brave fighter, you’ve left the shore,
In peace we hope, find the next in love,
The day we see you again
We’ll share all the stories we wrote,
All the memories we made,
How we lived the life you wanted us to,
How we plucked the stars, just for you.
So goodbye, dear fighter,
You’re so dearly missed,
And when you smile down at us,
I hope you know this:
The day you shall be truly lost
Shall be the day your name is gone;
But names etched in hearts are forever.
So long as we live, we shall remember
The treasures you left us
And your burning smile,
The love you gave us;
I promise you,
We shall celebrate your life.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Kristina Tripkovic on Unsplash

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