You tip-toed your way in
Ever so gently, light as feather;
I never saw it coming, never knew
My heart would someday beat for you,
Wish for you upon falling stars,
Fall deep in a love so true.
Deeper than the ocean,
As infinite as can be,
We’re two hearts, one soul–
Two voices singing in harmony.
If I’m verse, then you’re the melody—
A song only we shall know,
One only our lips shall sing.
I fell for you, a little,
Slowly, and then all at once;
Your heart mirrored mine,
Drawing me like a magnet to you,
Your little quirks grew on me,
A feeling I couldn’t shake
Try as I might until I didn’t want to.
Never knew you’d have so much power,
Certainly didn’t know I’d hand it over;
But the heart marked you for a twin flame,
A stubborn longing I gave in to,
Let my soul be consumed,
Drowned to the deepest depths—
Never felt more alive,
Never loved so true,
Never in my wildest of dreams
Did I think you’d fall for me too.
Not the greatest songs of love,
Nor the most beautiful site to exist
Can compare to my love for you,
That, to you, I shall promise:
All of my heart and all of my soul
As long as I breathe shall be yours.
Like creepers green that cover walls,
You’ve crept up on me,
Grown on me—
You’re beautiful, unique,
Yet you’re a part of me
And I wouldn’t have it any other way;
It’s how I know I love you,
It’s how I know you’re here to stay.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Everton Vila on Unsplash

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