All We Are.

Waiting right here, looking for you,
Until the day you came back home,
Is what I promised you, I remember.
Then would it be so terrible if I do
Long for you, though I said I wouldn’t–
If only I could tell you how hard it is.
What a hypocritical thing to do!
But that’s all we are,
Two hypocrites madly in love!
Told you I could endure being apart,
But this heart can’t stay away from you.
Are you disappointed that I couldn’t?
Each day is one closer to you,
Perhaps it’s what is getting me by.
An eternity spent with you,
I’d still crave for your embrace;
Do you feel my hands reaching out?
Yours are the only hands I’d want to hold,
My heart I gave you long ago,
My eyes are for you, and you alone;
Who knew staying apart was such a task!
We’re liars in love, saying it isn’t so,
As though every day without you is easy,
As though the pain isn’t here to stay—
Tell me what is on your mind,
Do you try to hide this hurt away?
All we are is people in love,
And all we want is each other;
The Fates can play us apart,
But back to each other, we’ll find a way.

∼© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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