Look Away.

All this space between us means nothing,
Just like that, it seems non-existent
When you look for me from afar,
Just to lock your eyes with mine—
I could look away, but I don’t want to.
This air between us sparks alive
As though we were live wires in proximity,
And your gaze so magnetic holds me in place,
Like there was nobody else around.
Just you and I.
Just the two of us.
The whole world can disappear
Just as long as you’re beside me,
And everything we’ve dreamt of
Can finally be ours,
Something nobody can take away,
And I can look into your eyes,
As moments stretch into hours;
Did I mention I didn’t want to look away?
I could lose myself in you
And find myself too,
Your eyes give away the truth
The way you look at me.
If only you could look at what I saw,
You’d know how I adore you so.
There’s none more radiant to me,
There’s none more dazzling,
A carefully detailed masterpiece
That I get to call mine.
Every moment that I spend
Taking in your beautiful eyes–
The way the sun leaves pools of gold
And drops of warm honey,
With sparks flying in your eyes;
Every moment spent on you
Is a moment your memory is deeper carved
Into my very being,
Forever marking my soul.
So, let me just look a while longer,
Let me drown in your eyes.
Eyes I can’t seem to part with,
Eyes that can’t make me look away.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Quinten de Graaf on Unsplash

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