#NaPoWriMo Day 16: Nonpareil.

I’m hardly ever at a loss for words,
But I wonder
What more I could possibly say about you,
For the words you deserve, I know them not
And of those I know, they fall short.

Don’t ask me where I’d begin
For I wouldn’t know where to stop;
So, when it comes to singing praises of you,
Forgive me, my love,
Nothing I say can ever compare
To the radiance of the sun that you are–
No. You’re the sun my days begin with,
And in the nights, you’re my moon and stars.
You’re the shooting stars I wish upon,
Yet somehow you’re also the one I wish for.

Right from the moment you caught my eyes,
I knew it could never be the same–
A mind so beautiful, I could only dream,
And a voice that I let take a hold of me.
Don’t get me started on your beauty,
For I have never been enchanted so,
And nothing shall captivate me quite like you,
So long as I live and breathe,
You’re all the wonder in the world to me.

And should these words of mine ever fail,
Know my eyes are for you alone;
The more of you that I take in,
The more I seem to crave–
You’re a hunger insatiable,
My love for you, an endless daze.

I can neither vow you riches,
Nor can I promise you the world,
For I am, but, a mere mortal
Willing to bring you the stars you so deserve.
I could write a thousand words about you,
Sing thousands of songs more.
Believe me, I’ve surrendered,
I’ve given you my all–
Still your love consumes me,
The deeper I find myself fall.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Today’s prompt via napowrimo.net was to write words of praise for someone we love. And although I write many poems about the love of my life, it’s impossible to find the right words in his praise. All I can do is try.

Featured Image by Manouchehr Hejazi on Unsplash

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