‘Beautiful Mind.’

“I think that we often underestimate the impact that a good story can have on people’s lives. Stories that flow like a river and end up tying their loose ends so beautifully, you cannot help but wonder what goes on in the author’s mind. And what a beautiful mind it must be, to come up with something so incredibly captivating, several people end up carrying the lessons they learn from these stories for the rest of their lives! Those who can come up with these stories truly have a gift that they put to good use and a handful of those who read these stories end up being the ones who carry the legacy of these writers forward. I only hope to be able to leave such a legacy behind if I ever come up with a story that is good enough to win over millions of hearts around the world. Then again, I wonder if I have a mind as beautiful as the ones that I have grown up admiring. It’s almost an unrealistic expectation to have because every mind is a beautiful universe in its own right and there is no way to really tell how deep people’s thoughts go. Maybe there are depths of my mind that even I haven’t discovered yet. Maybe there are parts of myself that I need to uncover to be good enough to spin stories seamlessly and beautifully. I am automatically drawn to minds that have a unique take on the world around us. Their stories are different. Their entire perspective is different. And I imagine, when I talk to such people, how it’d be if they ever wrote a book. It’s a weird thing to think about, I guess. But to be honest, if I find the way a person thinks interesting enough, I would read the stories they’d have to share. And when I say ‘stories’, I mean stories in any form available. People all around us are walking stories. It all comes down to which story we’d want to read. And just the way well-written stories seem to flow effortlessly, focusing on tiny details here and there that turn out to be a lot more significant than they seem, we learn to become more observant and start noticing the little mannerisms that drew us to people with beautiful minds, in the first place. I wish I could put this into words better. I wish there were ways to express emotions that can’t really be put out there into the world because just the way a book can be interpreted differently by its different readers, my thoughts can be interpreted differently too. I wish I had better words. And most importantly, I keep wishing that I was as good at writing stories that could draw people in; or at least, I used to be, until I realized that while what I write aren’t exactly stories, they do strike a chord with people. I don’t know if they think my mind is beautiful, either. All I can do is keep trying to write these stories until one of them feels like the right one…”

Featured Image by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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