Sijo Saturday.

Hi, everyone! I am back to actually writing things instead of talking about how exhausting my day has been, and although I decided to take it slow today, I wrote a bunch of Sijo (you can read more of my Sijo here), and I couldn’t wait to share them all with you! And to make this even better, I have decided to share the Sijo I write, every Saturday from now on. You’ll probably also see a bunch of them written by my best friends and fellow bloggers. If this is something you’re interested in, please join me in writing Sijo on every Saturday, and you can always share them with me if you like.

For now, enjoy these Sijo  written by me. I will be back with more every week! Xx


I lost you forever,
              and you came back,
                            light piercing through the dark,
Every open wound I had
                            healed and faded into old scars,
Paradise stretched into eternity,
                            and love, to endless hours.



Think of me in the songs you write,
                            Even if I’m a memory,
Only a memory
              of times long gone,
                           locked away in your chest—
You threw away the only key,
             and yet,
                           I hear you think of me.



Love in a thousand ways,
             and every road I take
                         comes back to you;
I’ve been lost in forests deep,
             and amidst darkness,
                         called out to you,
And you
                         come back to me,
As I know
                         you’ll always do.



The skies painted a rosy pink,
                         like the faint colour on your cheeks,
Rising like the sun,
          painting you,
                         the way I would gently caress,
Tracing warmth,
          chasing  electricity,
                         we’re a glorious mess.



I’d linger like your perfume,
                        long after you’ve forgotten me,
Stubborn and sickly sweet,
                       and everything that you’ll ever need,
My love
         in a vial you store,
                       you could never erase me.

Featured Image by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

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