Been Busy.

You know that very moment when you can see your dreams actually coming to life, right in front of you? And it is even more surprising when all of it is, in fact, not something you made up in your head. It’s actually happening right in front of your eyes, and you don’t even get a moment to let yourself soak in that moment and properly react to the situation. It feels like the most unreal thing that has ever happened to you.

I may not make sense for the next week or so because I received some huge news today, and I mean it. It’s huge! I so badly want to talk about it, but I am very superstitious, so I have only told a handful of people as of now. I am hoping I don’t have to wait longer than necessary because, honestly, I don’t think I have it in me. But I guess patience has its own benefits. I guess I can let myself be selfish and hold on to this secret for a little longer. Just know that this is something I have been working on since forever and I am so happy that it is actually happening.

I was going to write some Sijo today, but I have been busy with job training for the longest time now and I am finally at the trial stage. It has been keeping me held up because it is a lot of work than I am currently used to, but I am hoping it will all ease up over time. I haven’t even been able to make any art or write anything worthy, but I promise there is good reason behind that. I am doing my best to juggle everything that I am interested in, and admittedly doing a terrible job at it. But I’ll get the hang of it soon. It’s just a temporary situation.

I am hoping that it all works out well because too many things on a plate did nobody any good ever, but hey, maybe I could turn that around and actually make it work in my favour. Or I am going to fail at it spectacularly. But there is only one way to really find out whether I am going to make it out of this with my sanity intact.

Here’s to hope and to actually realizing our dreams. Xx

Featured Image by Barth Bailey on Unsplash

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